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About Us
MetaSales delivers bespoke sales automation solutions that empower your sales team to spend more time closing deals.


Meditations on MetaSales

Salespeople often spend too much time trying to get valuable meetings to happen. The essence of a talented salesperson is one who can steer a conversation to meet a desired end.

Ergo, sales should spend as much time as possible engaged in persuasive discourse. There are various methods unbeknownst to or unpopular for the vast majority of sales people that accelerate an important part of this process.

This is sometimes considered a function of the “sales development” or “lead generation” rep. These are typically relegated to lesser experience, nontechnical roles without a proper foundation/exposure to more technical techniques. These techniques require analytical capabilities, spreadsheets, and code.

Sales acumen is inversely proportional to analytical acumen. Spreadsheets and code are antithetical to the aggression required to succeed as a closer in sales.

Solution: Empower sales with a framework that allows them to succeed in their core skill set.


MetaSales is…

Nuanced - Flexibly Accommodates Any B2B Sales Development Efforts

Intelligent - Thoughtful Contemplation and Care Accompany Every Engagement

Creative - Unique Avenues and Points of Entry Into New Accounts

Eloquent - Well-Written, World-Class Copy Writing and Email Sequencing




What People Are Saying

MetaSales delivered a truly creative outreach strategy that yielded unprecedented results conversions. The prep work couldn’t have been easier.
Nathan H.

VP Of Sales